Science Fair Project:


As part of the requirements for Honors Chemistry, you will propose, design, conduct, and display a science project on a topic of your choice. This project will be done in four parts, each with their own requirements and due dates. In order to have as successful a science fair experience as possible, it is important that you adhere to all due dates and guidelines for the project.

General Guidelines:

  • You can work alone or in pairs.
  • Due Dates:
    • Proposal: Friday, February 18th
    • Design: Friday, March 18th
    • Report Results: Monday, May 9th
    • Display: Tuesday, May 17th
    • Science Fair: Tuesday Evening, May 17th.
  • You must attend the science fair on the evening of May 17th. There are no exceptions except emergency circumstances.

Part 1: Proposal


You will submit a proposal for your project. This document must be typed and include each of the following items:
  • Name of you (and partner)
  • Tentative Title
  • Description of the problem you are going to investigate
  • Statement of hypothesis

Due Date:

This document is due, in-class on Friday, February 18th.

Part 2: Design


Your Design is a written document that includes the following sections:
  • Materials: A list of all materials you will use for your project.
  • Methods: A detailed, step-by-step procedure for your project. I should be able to conduct your experiment by following your procedure.
  • Variable Identification: Identification of your independent and dependent variables. Your variables must be operationalized (measurable).
  • Data Design: Explanation of any calculations you will do, tables/figures/graphs you will have (your project must have at least two pictures, one table and one graph).
Please give each section it's own heading.

Due Date:

This document is due, in-class on Friday, March 18th

Part 3: Results Report


Guidelines are available here.

Due Date:

This document is due, in-class on Monday, May 9th

Part 4: Display


The sections of your results report should be printed and re-formatted for a tri-fold display board. You are required to present your project on Tuesday May 17th from 6-8 PM.

The rough layout should be as follows:
Left Panel:
Abstract, Introduction/Background, Hypothesis, Methods and Materials

Center Panel:
Data - tables, charts, pictures, graphs with explanation

Right Panel:
Conclusions, Works Cited

Use your discretion in formatting your presentation, as appearance is a part of your grade.

Due Date:

The board is due, in-class on Tuesday, May 17th