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Unit 7: Chemical Formulas


Chemical Formulas

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Unit Presentation:

Unit Content:

Lesson 1: Types of Compounds

Pre-Video 1: Types of Compounds

Pre-Video 2: Shapes of Molecules

Pre-Video 3: Molecular Polarity

Pre-Video 4: Molecular Dot Diagrams


Lesson 2: Naming & Writing Binary & Ternary Compounds

Pre-Video 1: Ionic Formula Writing Including Polyatomic Ions

Pre-Video 2: Ionic Formula Writing Given the Compound Name

Pre-Video 3: Naming Ionic Compounds Given the Ionic Formula

Pre-Video 4: Naming Molecular Formulas

Lesson 3: Formula Mass

Pre-Video 1: Gram-Formula Mass

Pre-Video 2: Converting Mass to Moles

Lesson 4: Percent Composition, Empirical & Molecular Formulas

Pre-Video 1: Percent Composition

Pre-Video 2: Percent Composition of Water in a Hydrate

Pre-Video 3: Empirical Formulas

Pre-Video 4: Determining the Molecular Formula given the Empirical Formula and the Molecular Mass

Lesson 5: Stoichiometry of Formulas

Pre-Video 1: Stoichiometry of Formulas

BONUS MUSIC VIDEO: Stoichiometry Rules!

Supplementary Materials:

PhET Simulations:

These programs help simulate a variety of topics that we discuss in the course. We frequently use them in class, but they are also provided here for your own, personal, use. Note: Many of these simulations require Java to be installed on the computer you are using them on.

Build a Molecule:

Build a Molecule
Click to Run

Molecule Polarity:

Molecule Polarity
Click to Run

Molecule Shapes (Basics):

Molecule Shapes: Basics
Click to Run

Molecule Shapes:

Molecule Shapes
Click to Run

==Crash Course Chemistry Videos==:
These videos come from YouTube's "Crash Course" channel. In them, Hank Green covers the material of a typical introductory course. Please note that these videos are presented, sorted by unit, but that the sequence within each page is not the same sequence as the instructional sequence for the unit. Also note that these videos contain additional material that is not discussed in class, and that there may be material covered in class that is not specifically discussed in these videos.

Stoichiometry- Chemistry for Massive Creatures: Crash Course Chemistry #6

How to Speak Chemistrian: Crash Course Chemistry #11

Polar and Non-Polar Molecules: Crash Course Chemistry #23

Liquids: Crash Course Chemistry #26

Doing Solids: Crash Course Chemistry #33

Network Solids & Carbon: Crash Course Chemistry #34

Mr. Rosengarten's Website:

From Mr. Rosengarten's Website. Includes tutorial videos, songs, etc.