Unit 13: Organic Chemistry


Organic Chemistry

Note: The link above is only for the note portion of the unit packet. If you need another copy of the class version of the packet (which includes a variety of additional activities and worksheets related to the unit), you need to email me, as the class version contains some materials which are not allowed to be posted in public webspace

Unit Presentation:

Unit Content:

1. Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Pre-Video 1: Properties of Organic Compounds

Pre-Video 2: Hydrocarbons Molecular Formulas

Pre-Video 3: Hydrocarbons Structural Formulas

Pre-Video 4: Aromatic Hydrocarbons

2. Substituted Hydrocarbons

Pre-Video 1: Halocarbons and Alkyl Halides

3. Functional Groups

Pre-Video 1: Organic Families: Alcohols

Pre-Video 2: Organic Families: Carboxyl Group (Organic Acids and Esters)

Pre-Video 3: Organic Families: Carbonyl Group (Aldehydes and Ketones)

Pre-Video 4: Organic Families: Amines, Amides, Ethers and Amino Acids

Pre-Video 5: Organic Families: Isomers

BONUS MUSIC VIDEO: It’s A Family Thing

4. Organic Reactions

Pre-Video 1: Addition and Substitution Reactions

Pre-Video 2: Combustion, Fermentation and Saponification

Pre-Video 3: Dehydration Synthesis

Pre-Video 4: Polymers

BONUS MUSIC VIDEO: Organic Reactions

Supplementary Materials:

Crash Course Chemistry Videos:

These videos come from YouTube's "Crash Course" channel. In them, Hank Green covers the material of a typical introductory course. Please note that these videos are presented, sorted by unit, but that the sequence within each page is not the same sequence as the instructional sequence for the unit. Also note that these videos contain additional material that is not discussed in class, and that there may be material covered in class that is not specifically discussed in these videos.

Alkenes and Alkynes: Crash Course Chemistry #41

Aromatics and Cyclic Compounds: Crash Course Chemistry #42

Hydrocarbon Derivatives: Crash Course Chemistry #43

Nomenclature: Crash Course Chemistry #44

Polymers: Crash Course Chemistry #45

Mr. Rosengarten's Website:

From Mr. Rosengarten's Website. Includes tutorial videos, songs, etc.