Materials for all units of the course are available at the links below. Click on the unit you are looking for.

Mr. Rosengarten's Note Packets :

This year we will be using the note packets found on Mr. Mark Rosengarten's website. You can access digital copies of all of them by clicking the above link. Links for individual unit packets are also provided at each of the unit pages below.

Don't forget to download the HONORS version of the packets if you visit Mr. Rosengarten's website.

Note: The link above is only for the note portion of the unit packet. If you need another copy of the class version of the packet (which includes a variety of additional activities and worksheets related to the unit), you need to email me, as the class version contains some materials which are not allowed to be posted in public webspace

Honors Chemistry Standards

Introductory Course Materials

Unit 1: Science Is A Verb!

Unit 2: Matter & Energy

Unit 3: Phases of Matter

Unit 4: The Nucleus

Unit 5: Electrons

Unit 6: Periodic Table & Bonding

Unit 7: Chemical Formulas

Unit 8: Chemical Reactions

Unit 9: Kinetics, Thermodynamics & Equilibrium

Unit 10: Solutions

Unit 11: Acids & Bases

Unit 12: Electrochemistry

Unit 13: Organic Chemistry