All of the below review materials are hosted in a public google drive collection. The master collection for review materials can be accessed by clicking this link

Summative Exam Review Materials

Review sheets for all summative exams (given monthly).

Unit Review Materials

Review Materials for whole topics NOT summative exams (which are cumulative).

Note: Many units are reviewed via puzzles or games, and review sheets for them can be accessed at the "Puzzles & Games" link below. Additionally, there are many topic review sheets & practice question sets available in the "Regents Exam Review Materials" link.

CK12 Study Guides

Study guides on particular topics from Sorted by unit.

Puzzles & Review Games

All review puzzles and games, sorted by type (and then sorted by unit, where appropriate).

Note: Not all units have each type of puzzle and game.


In bingo, students answer a series of questions related to a topic. They put the numbers of these questions in a bingo board grid. When bingo is called, a student must provide correct answers to the questions that correspond to the numbers that they are claiming bingo with in order to win.


Adapted from an idea by Justin Gutman. In a Knuffketition, students work in teams to progress through a series of questions related to a particular topic. Knuffketitions also include random bonus point questions that can be answered by any group. All students are provided with the questions for a knuffketition at the conclusion of the contest.


Puzzles include things like word searches, and "magic square" puzzles.


Jeopardy is self-explanatory. We don't play a lot of Jeopardy.

Card Games

Things like chemistry poker, etc.

Review Comics

Chemistry related humor.

Midterm Review Materials

Various midterm review sheets and activities.

Regents Exam Review Materials

A comprehensive archive of all Regents Review Materials, sorted into six main categories.

Review Book: Course Unit Correlation

A document that connects sections of the regents review book to units of the course.

Administrative Review Documents

This link includes things like regents review schedules, etc. Updated each year in late May.

Chemistry Unit Concept Sheets

This link has concept review sheets for all units of the course.

Practice Regents Topic Questions

This link has practice regents questions for all units of the course.

Reference Table Review Activities

This link has various activities that help students review how to use their reference tables.

Vocabulary Review Activities

This link has various activities that help students review key vocabulary from the course.

General Course Review Sheets

This link has many different types of comprehensive course review sheets.