Honors Chemistry Summer Assignment:

Due: Friday, September 14th

Mole Day Guidelines:

Due: In Class on October 23rd

Nuclear Weapons Webquest:

Project guidelines here.

Atom Creativity Project

Guidelines: Pick one of the following two projects. DO NOT DO BOTH PROJECTS
  1. Imagine you awake one morning and discover that you shrank to an incredibly small size and are trapped inside a carbon atom in your pillow case. What would you see?
    • Write a story, poem, song, comic strip or create some other project based on this scenario
    • Include all relevant facts about atomic structure
  2. Write a skit based on the following story line:
    • Due to miraculous time travel, Aristotle (~ 350 BC) goes back in time to argue with Democritus (~450 BC) about how crazy his ideas about atoms are. Upon hearing this, John Dalton (~1800) travels back in time to set the record straight.
    • More recent contributors to the atomic model may likewise travel in time to contribute to the argument.
Due date: In Class on November 29th

Wanted by the FBE:

Due date: In class on December 6th

Science Fair Project:

A project so big, it gets its own page. Click the link above to go there!

The Promotional Power Presentation Pamphlet Project

Another project that gets its own page. Click the link above to go there.